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Sale of Medical Devices, Care Designer, Engineering Services and Solutions


MARA is a company with decades of experience in the medical industry that draws on the expertise of our specialists. The company's core business is the production and installation of medical devices, MR-compatible devices and furniture.

We offer engineering solutions and services in the healthcare industry. We take care of the design of hospital and non-hospital departments.

The solutions proposed by Mara are aimed at creating products capable of creating virtual realities inside the examination room of an MRI and beyond, thanks to the know-how acquired over the years. The main core business is precisely to produce and market MR-compatible devices capable of reducing the claustrophobic effect of the diagnostic examination and also to make the examination room a more livable and better environment from the point of view of design and architecture.

MARA markets, supplies and installs not only compatible MRI devices, but is also involved in:

    -  Marketing, consulting and installation Faraday Cages for MRI rooms;

    -  Commercialization, consulting and installation of Operating Rooms;

    -  Commercialization and supply of stainless steel furniture hospital environment;

    -  Marketing and supply of medical devices;

    -  Faraday cages routine maintenance service;

    -  Extraordinary maintenance service Faraday cages;

    -  Maintenance service resonance room access doors, bunker doors, operating room doors;

    -  Test environmental noise measurements for interference assessment;

    -  Installation work on electrical systems, interphase systems to complement and evaluate electrical         systems according to INAIL guidelines;

    -  First level helpdesk service;

    -  Customer Care;

    -  Supply and installation humanization of care with innovative design solution for restyling hospital         departments, diagnostic departments for MRI and CT rooms and operating rooms;

    -  Supply and installation of tested and certified 3D floor films;

    -  Supply of Custom Telescopic Partition Systems for inpatient rooms;

    -  Supply of customized headset;

    -  Supply of Sound System with MRI compatible headphones and disposable spare parts;

    -  Supply and installation of lighting system with led or led panel light points;

    -  Supply of ferromagnetic gantry for metal object detection;

    -  Consulting activities.

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